Company profile

There are two ELKA companies headquartered in Krefeld Germany.

ELKA Ingenieur- und Vertriebsbüro H. Gutmann GmbH is an owner-managed company founded in 1969.

We cover the areas of environmental technology with air pollution control, power plant technology with recooling systems, metallurgy industry with furnace technology, heat exchange and apparatus engineering as a supplier of electrical equipment for the industry and plant construction.

Construction of electrical systems is the core field of activity of our company as a license holder for medium- and low-voltage switchgears.
We realize customised electrical systems including individual consulting and comprehensive planning, production with routine testing and installation in the business area of industry and plant construction.

Switchgear production takes place in a dedicated workshop through our specialist technicians.
Our supervisors are available for national and international industrial installations.

We attach great importance to highest production quality.

The same site in Krefeld-Traar is the registered office of our affiliated company ELKA Automation GmbH, founded in 2007 and also owner-managed.

ELKA Automation offers professional services with individual consulting and comprehensive planning with documentation, project design, automation and visualization, as well as commissioning and service in the business area of automation technology.

Our electrical facility planning uses the current EDP systems and CAE licenses.
User software for process controls with automation systems and visualization technologies are developed at our company.
We offer commissioning, supervision and service all around the world.

Our references include many national and international facilities of renowned industrial and mid-sized companies from various industries.

Our technical competence and longtime experience, in connection with great flexibility, make ELKA a reliable partner in the industries.